It’s Shabop time

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Shiamak in Media, Shiamak Interviews
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Shiamak Davar is back doing what he does best, singing and performing for his fans. And this time round, it is a unique combination of peppy tracks, revival of his old hits and some interesting remixes. Neha Verma speaks with this suave dancer about Shabop, his latest album

Singing is your first love

From my childhood, I have been singing in school and performing for my family and friends. I was a legend in the living room! After two successful Hindi albums and an English album in the nineties, I shifted my focus to the dance school. Releasing a new album has been on my mind for quite a while but something kept coming — movies, shows, Commonwealth Games performance etc so the album kept getting delayed. Glad it’s finally happening!

When and how did the idea for the album come up?

The album is a result of almost two years of song writing, recording, collaborating, mixing, re-mixing and mastering. It was something that I really wanted to do and get back to.

Any specific reason for the name — Shabop?

Shabop for me means ‘Just dance, don’t worry’. It is also a dance style that is taught in my classes. Shabop as a dance style is my own interpretation of hip hop and street funk but with Indian elements.  Shiamak’s Hip Hop — Shabop!

Tell us about the numbers in the album?

The title track is high octane, very young and has a hip hop feel to it; there is a song where I’m talking about life as a spiritual journey, there’s also an exuberant and sassy track with Shweta, who is a brilliant talent. Shabop will also feature my personal favourite  Jaane Kisne, but in a new avatar. So the album has a wide variety of tracks.

Is it going to be a solo album or will we see other participants?

I’ve teamed up with friends who are established artists, and have inspired me with their compositions. We share a common passion towards music like Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan and Shweta Pandit. DJ Aqeel has also made some very exciting remixes for the album!

What is your target audience?

It’s for everyone, music in fact is for everyone to enjoy!

Independent music culture is dead in India, you think it is a good idea for an album now?

For me, it’s more about reaching out to the people through performing arts, whether it’s music or dance. I always go by my instinct and do what I love.

What is the right formula for an album to work?

Originality! I think when people see ‘you’ through your work and connect to it, it is always a success.


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