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 Shiamak- Bombay Times (IDD) International Dance Day!Shiamak- Sakaal Times Pune (IDD)International Dance Day!

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When Shiamak and Premier Christy Clark Danced for Good!

During Shiamak Davar’s recent visit to Vancouver, he joined hands with British Columbia Premier Christy Clark to Dance For Good. Together, they paid a visit to the Canuck Place with his dance company to entertain residents at the children’s hospice.

‘Dance for me has the power to heal. Through my not for profit organization, Victory Arts Foundation we’ve been reaching out to thousands of people with special needs and healing through dance.

Premier Christy Clark has such high regard for all cultures and we connected immediately when she visited my dance studio in Mumbai last year. It is such an honour to have her support for our Dance For Good program’, says Shiamak.

The program urges individuals or groups to DANCE for a GOOD cause. It aims at sharing the joy of dance to heal, empowering performers with an opportunity to make a change, bringing a smile of people’s faces and giving them hope, giving an opportunity to people to take up a cause they support and give it visibility through dance, encouraging team spirit, improving the community, reaching out to various locations and supporting multiple causes, bringing communities together through dance and the performing arts, creating awareness and making each individual a ‘dance hero’.

‘I was here with my friend Shiamak who runs one of the best dance schools in the world. They were here to entertain the kids. These guys are all about ‘live for the moment’ and it was wonderful how they got the kids dancing. The great thing about it is the inter cultural connection that they make. Sometimes these kids experience a lot of sadness in their lives and Shiamak was here bringing them some joy through dance.’ said Premier Clark.

The Shiamak Davar Dance Company performed to Shabop, a song sung by Shiamak that stands for ‘dance without worry and celebrate life’ and that is just what these kids did. This initiative that aims at using dance to connect cultures and strengthen the community is a great way for people to come forward and share the joy of dance with the community.


Shiamak Davar at the Times of India Film Awards
Image by Heather Vince
Shiamak Davar rehearses some coreography before the Times of India Film Awards

Legendary Hindi choreographer Shiamak Davar shares his love of Bollywood dance with Vancouver

Never heard of Shiamak Davar before? He’s the man behind the exciting choreography and costumes for the Times of India Film Awards that took over the media in Vancouver April 6.

Though Davar is best known in the South Asian community for being the force behind the modernization of Hindi cinema choreography, he’s got an impressive roster of celebrities and VIPs on his resume.

He’s shared the stage with Sting and Bryan Adams, entertained world leaders like Bill Clinton and our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and rubbed shoulders with stars like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and many more.

Shiamak Davar Brings Bollywood Dance to Vancouver

Davar has received recognition for creating a worldwide dance education movement that has seen his classes pop up in Canada, India, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. And he’s made a name for himself right here in Vancouver since he began offering dance classes in 2003.

Shiamak Davar Choreography
Dancers rehearse some of Shiamak Davar’s choreography before the Times of India Film Awards (Image: Heather Vince)

So what is it about Bollywood dance and cinema that appeals to so many people? Why do we find ourselves trying to mimic the moves, with our hands in the air, shoulders bouncing? Davar compares it to the recent “Gangnam Style” phenomenon:

“Bollywood is also very expressive; it’s funky and fun. It’s beautiful and it’s got a lovely language to it. I think anyone who loves contemporary and jazz dance would like Bollywood; Bollywood has the Indian flavour of those movements and I think people really relate to that.”

Davar is also a philanthropist and believes that everyone should experience the emotional and physical benefits of dance. Davar established Victory Arts Foundation, which collaborates with various NGOs throughout India.

Through VAF he uses dance to help children and adults with disabilities overcome barriers and improve physical strength while lifting their spirits. This past weekend Premier Christy Clark accompanied him on a visit to Canuck’s Place to entertain children battling life-threatening illnesses.

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