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 Shiamak- Bombay Times (IDD) International Dance Day!Shiamak- Sakaal Times Pune (IDD)International Dance Day!

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When Shiamak and Premier Christy Clark Danced for Good!

During Shiamak Davar’s recent visit to Vancouver, he joined hands with British Columbia Premier Christy Clark to Dance For Good. Together, they paid a visit to the Canuck Place with his dance company to entertain residents at the children’s hospice.

‘Dance for me has the power to heal. Through my not for profit organization, Victory Arts Foundation we’ve been reaching out to thousands of people with special needs and healing through dance.

Premier Christy Clark has such high regard for all cultures and we connected immediately when she visited my dance studio in Mumbai last year. It is such an honour to have her support for our Dance For Good program’, says Shiamak.

The program urges individuals or groups to DANCE for a GOOD cause. It aims at sharing the joy of dance to heal, empowering performers with an opportunity to make a change, bringing a smile of people’s faces and giving them hope, giving an opportunity to people to take up a cause they support and give it visibility through dance, encouraging team spirit, improving the community, reaching out to various locations and supporting multiple causes, bringing communities together through dance and the performing arts, creating awareness and making each individual a ‘dance hero’.

‘I was here with my friend Shiamak who runs one of the best dance schools in the world. They were here to entertain the kids. These guys are all about ‘live for the moment’ and it was wonderful how they got the kids dancing. The great thing about it is the inter cultural connection that they make. Sometimes these kids experience a lot of sadness in their lives and Shiamak was here bringing them some joy through dance.’ said Premier Clark.

The Shiamak Davar Dance Company performed to Shabop, a song sung by Shiamak that stands for ‘dance without worry and celebrate life’ and that is just what these kids did. This initiative that aims at using dance to connect cultures and strengthen the community is a great way for people to come forward and share the joy of dance with the community.

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Spring Funk dancers

Dance enthusiasts of all ages and from across the Lower Mainland will take the Bell Performing Arts Centre by storm on March 16 with Spring Funk, presented by Vancouver’s own Shiamak Davar International. Spring Funk is a celebratory culmination of a unique 10-week recreational dance workshop offered by Shiamak instructors in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby and North Vancouver.

This year’s revelry will unite a talented group of dance devotees (ranging in age from four to 64) in sharing a memorable selection of Shiamak’s trademark Bollywood Jazz songs and dance, as well as his increasingly popular Indo Contemporary style. From Bollywood classics and remixes to current hits, Spring Funk has all the ingredients of a complete Bollywood Jazz performing arts experience.

“Over the years, I’ve seen Vancouver’s interest in Bollywood Jazz grow tremendously,” says Shiamak Davar, Founder and Artistic Director of Shiamak Davar International. “Vancouver is like home to me, and I am humbled by the enthusiasm and response our Spring Funk workshops receive from participants throughout the Lower Mainland.

This event offers a rare opportunity to see parents and their children, as well as couples and friends perform together like stars on a professional stage in front of a huge – thousand plus – audience. It’s what makes this event so special – for both audiences and performers alike.”

Spring Funk dancers

Additional highlights of the evening will include performances by The Shiamak Dance Team, Shiamak instructors, and performers from Shiamak’s Victory Arts Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that uses dance as therapy to empower individuals with developmental disabilities.

Shiamak Davar is a world-renowned Indian contemporary dance choreographer known for his trendsetting work in Bollywood blockbusters and for changing the way in which the world views Bollywood dance.

His schools are now a worldwide phenomenon across India, the UK, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Canada. Vancouver is Shiamak’s second home, and headquarters of his international operations.

Shiamak’s Spring Funk
Date: Saturday, March 16, 6 pm
Venue: Bell Performing Arts Centre, 6250 – 144th Street, Surrey
Tickets: $17; available online or via phoning 604.507.6355

For additional information on Spring Funk, please visit the Shiamak website.